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  • Room Rates

    - Single Room Rate: $500 to $600 plus meal rates

    - Double Room Rate: $400 to $450 plus meal rates

    Meal Rates

    - Breakfast Only: Adds $40/4 weeks to your base rent

    - Breakfast & Dinner: Adds $125/4 weeks to your base rent

    - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: Adds $150/4 weeks to your base rent

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    By clicking on the submit button you agree to have read and understood the term of the hosting contract and to abide by all its provisions. (Throughout this document is referred to as HA.

    All your guest rooms must be equipped at a minimum with a Chair, Bed, Desk, Closet. You must also only have one student per linguistic group in your homestay.

    Host's Responsibilities:

    - The Host agrees to treat the student with respect for their culture, privacy and belongings and will provide a supportive home environment for the student. The student is a guest in the home and is expected to follow house rules set by the Host.

    - Host agrees to provide the student with a separate private bedroom, furnished with a bed, closet, dresser, desk and chair. The student's room and belongings therein should be treated with a reasonable measure of privacy.

    - If agreed on sign up the Host will provide the student with the meals selected. Breakfast (cereal, toast, etc?, lunch (packed sandwich and fruit etc?) and dinner (warm prepared dinner; if on occasion the Host is not able to provide a warm dinner the Host must ensure that a prepared meal that requires only heating is available to the student) daily (or as required per verbal agreement with HA). The majority of meals should be homemade and nutritious

    - The host should consult with the student as to his or her dietary preferences and consider these preferences when food shopping and preparing meals. If the student has any allergies or unusual dietary preferences the Host will be notified prior to the student's placement.

    - The Host will also provide clean linen and towels once a week and will either allow the student to use the laundry facilities (laundry facilities must be present on the premises and in working order) or do the laundry for them at least once per week.

    - The Host will not require the student to babysit or to do housework apart from keeping his/her room and bathroom clean, tending to personal laundry and assisting in mealtime chores.

    - The Host agrees that English will be the primary language spoken in the home and will engage the student in conversation as much as possible.

    - The host agrees not to host more than one student from the same linguistic group in their house. If this clause is breached the student shall be removed from the homestay without compensation to the host for the time the student spent in the host's home. The host must also refund all monies received for said student's accommodation from the date this clause was breached.

    - If possible, the Host agrees to meet the student at the airport upon his or her arrival and HA agrees to pay the Host $50.00 for this service. If possible, the Host also agrees to take the student to the airport for his or her return flight and will be paid an additional $55.00 for this service. If unable to attend personally, the Host will make alternative arrangements for pickup at no cost to the student. In the event that HA itself provides airport service, HA will not pay the Host for the same service.

    - In the event that the Host is away from the home during the student's stay the Host agrees to make arrangements for someone to perform the obligations under this agreement. The Host will notify HA in advance if the absence is expected to be longer than 2 consecutive days or if absences of 2 days or longer occur on a regular basis.

    - The Host will inform HA of any events that will change the living conditions in the home. This includes a change in the number of persons living in the home, severe illness, the additions of pets or any other circumstances that may adversely affect the ability of the Host to fulfill the Host's homestay responsibilities. This information should be relayed to HA by updating your profile on in a timely fashion on an as necessary basis.

    - During the student or visitor stay, the host family is required to show the student or visitor how to get to places of interest such as schools, community centres and attractions and how to use public transportation.

    - The host family must make sure that the student has a quiet environment in order to study and succeed in school, as well as quiet time to sleep and rest.

    - If the host cannot guarantee to have someone home at all times to open the door then the host must provide the student with a spare key to the homestay.

    - Minors students must not be left at home without homestay provider supervision.

    - If a homestay student or visitor accompanies their host family on holidays, outings, or trips, the host family must pay for accommodation and food. The student or visitor must pay for his or her travel arrangements, admission tickets, or personal expenses. If the student or visitor will not join the host family, he or she must not be left alone. Alternate homestay arrangements must be made, paid for by the host family, and approved by a HA representative.

    - Host family must explain to the student or visitor how to evacuate the home in case of an emergency. The home must have functioning fire smoke detectors on every floor.

    - While the student can be invited to attend religious services, the family should not apply any pressure to do so. The family should learn about the student's beliefs and culture, and respect them. The family should always be willing to direct the student to his or her religion's place of worship if required. A host family must always respect the religious beliefs of the student.

    - The host agrees that all payments by students for accommodation shall be made to HA. The host may not at any time make direct payment arrangements with students either during or after their studies at HA, even if requested by students.

    - Should a host family like to terminate a homestay occupancy, reservation or provider agreement, the host family must give HA two weeks to one month notice to make alternate homestay arrangements. Some exceptions may apply.

    Homestay Fees:

    - HA will pay the Host for their services as per fees specified in the sign-up section of the online registration. Any fee for additional days will be calculated as per fraction of specified fees for every 4 weeks. Payment by cheque is made 5 to 7 days after the student's start date in homestay.

    - It is unlawful for Hosts or HA to request a damage deposit, telephone deposit or any other type of security deposit from the student.

    Student and Host Satisfaction:

    - HA will strive to match students and Hosts on the preferences made known to HA. HA will assist the Host and the student in solving serious difficulties that arise between the Host and the student during the student's stay in the home.

    - Prior to placement the host will provided as much information as possible about prospective students. It remains to the discretion of the host to refuse any prospective student.

    - HA will contact both the Host and the student within the first week of the stay to determine if the Host and the student are satisfied with the placement. If the Host or the student is dissatisfied, HA will strive to find a new homestay for the student as soon as possible.

    - HA will ask each student to complete a confidential evaluation of their Homestay experience. The evaluation will rate the cleanliness, comfort and friendliness of the home and the quality of the meals. HA will bring serious concerns to the immediate attention of the Host and discuss a resolution with the Host and/or student as soon as possible. HA will summarize all student evaluations on a regular basis and offer feedback as required.


    - The Host warrants that he/she carries home owner?s insurance which protects the Host from any liability claims from the student?s stay in the home.

    - The Host agrees that he or she will release and hold HA harmless for any and all damages, injuries or illness suffered or claims as a result of the student's stay in the home, without limiting the generality of the foregoing.

    - HA will not ask the Host to assume legal guardianship of the student; the Host agrees that HA and its agents are not considered legal guardians of the student or in any manner responsible for the behaviour or actions of the student, and the student will be subject to the same laws and statutes as local citizens.

    - If it is discovered that there are difficulties in the home related to substance abuse, physical or emotional abuse of the student or a family member, HA will remove the student from the home immediately and will take legal action if warranted.

    Reputation and Business Practice:

    - The Host and HA agree to protect the reputation of each other. The Host will keep all matters related to HA business practices confidential. HA will keep all personal information about the Host confidential. HA will obtain written consent before the Host's name, address or picture is used to promote the services of HA.

    - The Host understands that HA places students in Homesteads, collects rent from students and pays Hosts for Homestay.

    - This agreement may be terminated by either party for any reason with 30 days notice, or by HA, for the violation of this agreement, with no notice to the Host. Upon termination, HA will relocate the student staying with the Host and will pay fees owed to the Host up to the date of the relocation.

    Inpsection and Contract:

    This contract is not considered complete unitl a repsesentative from HA has inspected and approved your home for hosting. HA neither guarantees nor promises occupancy to the host family. HA placement is based on a request and booking basis.

    Privacy Statement:

    All information collected by HA will be kept strictly confidential and utlized only for the placement of students in your home. To this end we will release your profile to students (and or agents acting on their behalf) who have been placed in your home. Should your profile be released to any other party, your contact information (address, telephone number, last names and email) will always be kept confidential.